Big Game Hunting - NWT, Canada

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The Mackenzie Mountain range is a remote landscape in the Northwest Territories that our hunting guides believe every trophy hunter should experience. NWT Outfitters has hunting camps spread across 5,000 square miles of untouched wilderness in the heart of these beautiful mountains. This northern Canadian range is unsurpassed in solitude and remoteness and is a premier destination for Mountain Caribou hunts (specialize in Caribou bow hunting trips), Fannin / Dall Sheep hunts and Alaska / Yukon Moose hunting in Canada. more>>

Fannin / Dall Sheep

Sheep hunting in the Mackenzie Mountains provides some of the finest Dall Sheep trophies on the continent. more>>

Alaska / Yukon Moose

Canada is known for Moose hunting and our area has the largest sub-species of North American Moose for big game hunting trips. more>>

Mountain Caribou

The NWT produces some of the largest trophy Mountain Caribou found anywhere. We specialize in Mountain Caribou archery hunting (bow hunting). more>>

Our professional big game hunting guides will make sure every trophy hunter gets the wilderness adventure they came looking for. NWT Outfitters supplies a variety of equipment depending on each hunter’s needs and preferences. We use riverboats, airplanes, Argos and can arrange helicopter assistance to make sure even our most mature hunters continue their hunting careers. Our hunting guide’s objective is to take clients on the most adventurous Moose hunts, Sheep hunts or Mountain Caribou hunts Canada has to offer and to send them home with the biggest trophies they can carry.

On a Northwest Territories Outfitters hunting trip you’ll have the assistance of our professional guides and the comfort of our well-appointed hunting camps, which have some unexpected conveniences. The main base camp on June Lake has satellite communications, high-speed Internet service, on-demand hot showers, laundry facilities, separate client quarters and a comfortable cook shack.

Limiting the number of hunters we take each season, along with the size of the territory and the varied equipment, ensures that no pressure is put on any one part of it. This allows each client access to areas that are fresh for every hunt and keeps our success rates and trophy quality high.